Part-time studies


Studies in „International Accounting Standards” program give improvement of professional skills for book keepers with spacious work experience. After completing full course students will be able to compile financial statements according to International Accounting Standards and International Financial Statement Standards.


Successful students receive certificates from:


Institute of Financial Accountants was founded in 1916. IFA is one of the oldest educational establishments where Accountancy and Finance being studied. Moreover, IFA is member of International Association of Bookkeepers. 



All students will receive study materials which are specially designed for this course.

Materials include:


Course starts in November and will be held in Russian. Classes last three months and take place in Liepaja. First class is devoted to introduction of accounting standards, tests and general questions about study course. During three months students are welcome to ask questions, discuss home works and exchange e-mails with tutor. Once a month students will come together for a ten hours long class in order to discuss practical issues and write a test. This meeting will take place on weekend, students will have one quite lasting coffee break.


In three months time students will have eight tests.

In the end of a course students will have final examination prepared by Institute of Financial Accountants. Graduates will have festive graduation ceremony.


Cost of entire course is 280 LVL + VAT

Discount is available for organizations - up to 7%. It depends on number of applicants and form of payments. All discounts being discussed individually.