Business assessment,

purchase and sale


Purchase and sale of Small and Medium enterprises

ü      Auditing;

ü      Financial assessment and analysis of economical activity;

ü      inventory of obligations and property;

ü      Balance preparation;

ü      Development of optimal financial scheme for sales;

ü      Consultations on company sales;

ü      Strategy development for company adoption;

ü      Company performance evaluation in the particular branch;

ü      Estimation of a provisory price;

ü      Advertisement design and publication on the website;

ü      Selection of potential clients, preparation and presentation of related documentation;

ü      Negotiation with potential customers;

ü      Preparation of agreements for all type of sales operations;

ü      Preparation of papers for registration in Commercial Register;

ü      Seeking for potential clients;

ü      Strategy development for company merging;

ü      Risk assessment;

ü      Arrangement and development of accounting;

ü      Auditing computerization.


Business assessment:

v      Financial auditing;

v      Assets auditing, determination of liquid and market value of the property;

v      business evaluation based on different criteria, estimation of the price;

v      market analysis;

v      report on market value of a company.